November 6 Update – The IV Drip Continues With Clinton & Spotting Disinfo Agents on Patriot Radio

I have uploaded a new podcast update for November 6th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Traders see the economic IV drip continuing under a Clinton regime and are bidding up assets in anticipation of her winning… The asymmetric risk of gold and the presidential election… Sunday night’s trading is an indication of things to come if Clinton gets elected… I don’t like GLD and SLV, but not for the reasons the gold bugs indicate… Watch out for disinfo agents on the patriot shows. Beware of people like Steve Pieczenik. He has worked with too many in the Bushonian Cabal….

Links to articles discussed –
-Are You Ready For U.S. Elections? This Is How Gold Traders Are Positioning Themselves For What Could Be The Most Volatile Week Of The Year
-Myth of the White Hats Busted : Steve Pieczenik Disinformation Agent
-Wikipedia – Steve Pieczenik


New Show for Nov 2nd – Follow the Synagogue of Satan’s Same Old Timeline to War

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of November 2nd. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Michael Moore says that Trump is the big F U vote… The Synagogue of Satan follows a particular timeline before starting global wars. Each time the last shoe to drop is the economic one… The timeline leading up to WW I ended with the banking panic and the promulgation of the USFed… Prior to WW II, the owners of the central banks created the situation that brought Hitler to power, and caused the reckless speculation and malinvestment from their massive credit creation that gave us the depression and subsequent economic global downturn. This all set the stage for WW II… The same banking families are causing the upcoming economic hardships from low bond yields to bring us WW III in several years. All contrived, but all real… The low interest rate/bond yield IV drip can be removed anytime the globalists choose. If Trump gets elected the IV drip will probably be withdrawn sooner… Government programs in education drive the costs of tuition up, as colleges and universities raise prices with all that cheap money. The US Fed says so itself.

Links to articles and media –
-Trump’s election will be the biggest “F You” in human history
-Trump will Win – But is he the “Real Deal?”
-Events leading up to World War One
-The Big Short
-Planet of the Apes (1968 film)
-Dark Moon Rising: Are Recently Rising Bond Yields The Beginning Of A Crisis?
-Fed Rate-Rise Plan Hits Snag in Stronger Dollar, Higher Long-Term Yields
-The Simple Reason College Tuition Costs Have Exploded
-Credit Supply and the Rise in College Tuition: Evidence from the Expansion in Federal Student Aid Programs

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October 29th Update – A Trump Presidency: Will the Low-Interest Rate IV Drip be Removed?

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Topics discussed – While I hope Trump gets in to office over Hillary, I speculate what is the real agenda… The Private banking families collapsed the economy in 2008 to put the global economy on a low-interest rate IV drip, and the Alien baby can hatch any time they want. Our adversaries are geniuses and operate differently than we… Inferno, another disaster movie priming the pump… Gold update, Commercials add to shorts on any uptick. Gold miners price action is weak.

Links to articles and media-
-Gold Is Near The 2011 Highs
-COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report – October 28, 2016
-Gold Commitment of Trader Report – Chart
-Inferno (2016 film)
-Trump will Win — But is he the “Real Deal?”
-Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War?
-SPDR® Gold Shares


New Uploaded Show for October 26th: Low Interest Rates – Alien’s Baby is Still in the Host

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of October 26th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Low interest rates cause deflation, the opposite of what the central banks say they want. Their stated objective contrasts with their real objectives. Their goal is to do their owners’ bidding and buy up the world before war… Canadian debt woes are even worse than the Americans’… Managing gold prices is a “loss leader” that allows the rest of the economy to remain intact… The Russians are quietly selling gold in order to help plug budget gaps… AJ, Mr. Limited Hangout, speaks, acts, and shakes hands like a Mason. This means his master is not the master he claims… The Clinton campaign worked with the media to promote far-right republican candidates. Trump stepped up to the plate to pull off a “kayfabe” election. He stands to make billions from losing… The Clinton campaign has helped the media to manage the polling process… Occam’s Razor

Links to media and articles discussed –
Do Lower Interest Rates Promote Deflation?
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India and China’s love affair with gold turns financial
In Russia There is No Place to Put the Gold -Pravda
“Manufacturing Dissent”: The Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites
Mr. Jones giving his Freemason handshake
Alan Watt October 23, 2016 Podcast
Elevating Trump
LEAKED CLINTON DOCUMENTS: Discourage Trump Supporters with Crap Polls (Updated)
Occam’s razor – Wikipedia


New Show Uploaded for Oct 19th – “Soylent Green is People”

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of October 19th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Watch out for disinfo alt-news sites. They publish provocative articles that are parroted by other alt-media news sites desperate for clicks. The reality is often far less profound, and they push false stuff… This is a good time to buy some gold. The globailsts in the US are accumulating. Perhaps we should, too… Governments promulgating NGO globalist agenda, and our democracy is long gone. Most pretend to think we have a choice… Masculinity is execrable. Men should be effeminate. Futurists from 100 years ago were discussing this agenda… Student loan debt explodes and that is good for the “New Civ” economy. These college grads will do whatever it takes to make money to service their debt, including selling their souls… Trump is interested in starting Trump TV. Trump only wins when he “loses.” He stands to make a lot more money from his increased exposure, but only if he loses.

Links to articles and media discussed –
-Soylent Green
-Megacities and the United States Army – PREPARING FOR A COMPLEX AND UNCERTAIN FUTURE
-Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities
-We Are Putting Ourselves Out On A Limb And Calling A Gold Bottom, And This Is The Reason Why
-Gold Commitment of Trader Report – Chart
-Kathleen Wynne is legislating against fathers and mothers, fight back!
-Students told term ‘be a man’ represents toxic masculinity
-Student Loan Debt for Recent College Graduates Increases Again; Now at $30K
-Trump Son-In-Law Mulling Post-Election Launch Of Trump TV
-Why the Trump vs Clinton Election is a Complete Sham


New Show for October 12th – Sunshine With a Good Chance of Chemtrails

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of October 12th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – What’s going on with gold? Understand gold’s importance in the world… Why is the aerial spraying so significant in the DC area? Don’t the politicians know they are breathing this stuff, too? This morning was a fine example of Project Cloverleaf in action. Yesterday’s sky was crystal clear… Think of the misery caused by the chemtrail spraying. Think of the misery caused by the bio-weapons released into the population… In the “New Civ” economy, these diseases and sicknesses help to grow the economy, bad is good, and debt is the fuel… Trump doesn’t want to be president, and is only running to increase his global brand. When things fall apart he can be looked to as the “what-if” global statesman.

Links to articles and media discussed-
-Speculative Traders Jump Ship – Is This The Buy Signal That Gold Bulls Have Been Waiting For?
-Is The Bull Market In Gold Over?
-Breath deeply and enjoy the neurotoxins
-Good Morning Sunshine
-Carnicom Institute
-Central Banks Continue to Sell Dollars to no Avail
-69% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings
-Poor America: 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings
-“Pope Francis:” Traitor to Western Civilization
-Donald Trump’s Fortune Falls $800 Million To $3.7 Billion
-Kayfabe Notes: Trump’s True Motivation and Other Notes


New Show for October 5th Uploaded to Site – Watch Out for the Limited Hangout

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of October 5th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Own gold for the right reasons. Don’t own it, because you think the banking families are out of control, own it, because they are in control… Do not own mining shares, these firms supply the gold to the bullion banks to cover their short positions… Understanding the concept of “Limited Hangout” and the manufactured patriot and alt media… Putin is not our friend. He is controlled by the same entities that control the US President and government… Russia Today is a form of Limited Hangout… The globalists want the patriots back on the plantation, so they are using the alt-right to get us to vote… It doesn’t matter who is in office, the agenda for the one-world financial dictatorship moves forward.

Links to articles discussed –
-Gold Commitment of Traders Report
-According to KWN the world is ending
-The ‘Alt Right’ is Limited Hangout
-Putin, Oligarchy and Alt-Media Delusion
-A Few Uncomfortable Truths You Won’t Hear From The 2016 Presidential Candidates


New Show Podcast for Sept. 28th Uploaded to Site – Zombie Apocalypse

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of September 28th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – The psychology of collapse… The zombie apocalypse… The globalists want us to fritter and waste our lives away, tapping on our keyboards… My thoughts on Sunday’s investments podcast… The manufactured patriots rewrite their playbook when Trump says Obama was born here… Watch out for the seductive collapse talk… Remember that 2012 talk? It consumed 15 years of alt media’s time… Recall the energy and time spent fussing over Freemason Ron Paul. Then came his son, Rand. How about that Tea Party movement? Where did it get us? The patriot and alt media diversions are designed by the top and keep people from improving their lives.

-A Culture Driven By Fear: The Psychology of Collapse
-Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus
-Why men won’t get married anymore
-China’s credit binge increases risk of banking crisis, says BIS
-EU Collapse on Schedule
-Colleges turn to coloring books to de-stress students
-What does Psychology say about the “Zombie Apocalypse”
-How the West Was Lost: Coping With Life in a Strange, New Civilization


Podcast Update, September 25th – Taking Control of Our Investments

I have uploaded a new podcast update for September 25th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed –
-Gold Update
-A conversation on investments and what I recommend to those who seek the truth and understand the perilous times we are facing.
-Although the real estate market cycle may be topping out I favor rental real estate. Other than physical gold and silver, rental real estate provides one the most protection from confiscation and asset seizures. Moreover, it offers the most direct control, autonomy, and highest return potential.
-I do not invest in stocks and bonds and do not own any retirement plans.
-I recommend keeping about 20% of one’s net worth in physical gold, silver, and uncut precious stones, such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. I do not recommend diamonds as this market is controlled by a cartel.
-Owning mining shares is like owning any other paper investment, and the CEOs of mining companies are not good market analysts. They are even worse when it comes to properly hedging production.
-Be careful about taking investment advice from someone who rejects the Conspiracy for world government.


New Show for September 21st Uploaded to the Site

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of September 21st. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

I personally witnessed the 9/11 events in Manhattan… My educational background… A discussion of William Cooper… Alan Watt says the patriot media is “entertainment,” and that the true patriots have somehow all died… Look to the private equity firm, The Blackstone Group, to get financial ideas – they have eight CFR members working for them… Do not take your financial advice from the manufactured and ignorant patriot media. They are not economists and financial experts, and most of them have never even graduated college…

Links to articles and media discussed
-Cutting Through the Matrix – September 18th Podcast
-Tragedy and Hope A History of Banking and Money by Carroll Quigley
-The ‘closed’ fund conundrum
-Blackstone Group CFR Members
-Blackstone Said to Plan Invitation Homes IPO for First Half 2017