Market Update – You know patriot media is compromised when it supports Larry Kudlow; Two potential large trades coming soon

I have uploaded a new market update podcast for March 17, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-Larry Kudlow is no economist; he only has a bachelors degree in History. He was used by the Republican establishment in the ’80s-’90s to pump the trickle-down and supply-side theories of massive tax cuts and deficit spending. He was fired from Bear Stearns in the mid-90’s, because of a cocaine addiction.
-Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Infowars are exclaiming that Kudlow was a wise choice. If I were hiring an economist to be my NEC director I would hope he had at least a bachelors degree in Economics.
-Gold is fading and looks ready to crack. Kudlow likes a strong dollar, hates gold, and loves tax cuts and coke. Perhaps gold is fading not only because of the upcoming Fed meeting, but because of Kudlow’s rhetoric.
-Silver, platinum, and GDX look terrible short term. Gold getting ready to follow? Go long after gold drops to 1,270s or below.
-Bitcoin getting ready to put in new lows. get ready to go long on the counter trend rally. Be patient and let the hodlers sell to you.
-The alt-coins are fading relentlessly. Bitcoin will follow. I think the alt-coins are done permanently. Bitcoin still has a future.
-Keep well-performing real estate holdings. Tax cuts will help support higher rent rolls. Well-capitalized investment properties with good cap rates and IRRs are a sure bet.
-The dollar should be well supported with ECB talk of unwinding QE program. The US is better handled to deal with higher rates. These massive tax cuts will help the stock market and the wealthiest individuals. Anyone who has assets that generate ample income will do much better than the average person (or burned-out patriot)
-With the US already the world’s top energy producer (oil and nat. gas) look for the dollar to stay well supported.
-My bandwidth has tripled over the past six months. It used to be 90% domestic and 10% foreigner. Now that many of the patriots here in the US are under mind control the shift is about 40-50% foreign user. The people outside the US are much more in tuned to the problems here in the US.
-I am ready for my two trade set-ups. The amount of after-tax profits from my last year’s crypto trade from July-December have allowed me to buy another rental for cash and pay down a commercial line.

March 14th Show – The all-seeing eye controls this world; Some advice on how to move up the pyramid

I have uploaded a new show podcast for March 14, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles and media on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-Our true adversaries are usually right in front of us. They are not the manufactured enemies that are placed as our opposition.
-Since the United States has become by many measures a second-world nation, perhaps the tariffs will help bring back jobs domestically. Many people in the US already work for slave wages as the wage base has been eviscerated and they will take the jobs that have been offshored since the late 70’s.
-The Patriots will support anything Trump promotes; even though most of his legislation has widened the wealth divide, while adversely impacting his biggest supporters.
-More analysis of patriots from the past. A further discussion of William Cooper and how to move up the ladder in the secret societies.
-A brief discussion on Alan Watt’s latest podcast and his analysis of the all-seeing eye. The bankers never disliked a group they could not control.
-The secret societies now control all levels of government. They control the Patriot agenda and the church hierarchy.
-Most organizations follow a pyramidal structure. The all-seeing eye watches over them all. Sociopathy rules by default.
-It is not difficult to take over a movement. Control a couple key personalities and it all falls into place.
-Some commentary on cryptos. The crypto trading is some of the best trading I have seen since the late 90’s tech bubble.


March 10th Update – People invent leaders and rely on “experts,” because they don’t want to think for themselves

I have uploaded a market update for March 10, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles and media on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-Successful traders need to do the opposite of what their peers and the “experts” are telling them.
-I tell you the secrets to long-term trading and investing success; whether it’s gold and silver, real estate, stocks, or bitcoin.
-The wealthiest 10% own 84% of the US stock market. Only 52% of Americans have any exposure to the stock market. Stock may have bottomed intermediate term. Trump made stocks more cheap.
-S&P 500 earnings set to grow by over 19% this year, with most attributable to the tax cuts. Almost $300 billion in stock buybacks announced so far in 2018 with repatriated dollars.
-Trump is not our friend. The Trump tax cuts drive more people into poverty and widen the gap between the wealthy and poor. Most patriots have come out on the losing end – once again. Anyone dependent on borrowing to buy houses, cars, etc., should not approve of his agenda.
-Trump is an ineffectual leader and is helping to eviscerate the second amendment and patriot movement, while the patriots sleep and look to their Judas goats for guidance.
-Tell me one thing that Trump has done to help the patriots. I cannot think of anything.
-The Israelites wanted a king, because having a decentralized form of government took too much work and people do not want to think; they like to invent leaders who will do the thinking for them. Sociopaths quickly fill the void.
-The patriots have made trump into their leader, because most do not want to assume the responsibility of thinking for themselves.
-Blockchain and cryptocurrency shilling hurts the least experienced traders and investors. They can be considered mutually exclusive.
-Blockchain technology needs to be better developed and it will work best once it can scale up. It is not meant for large transactions like real estate. It will work best in supply chains and for fungible financial transactions.
-The need for title insurance transcends whether a contract is placed on blockchain or not. In fact, the less moral society becomes, the more a buyer needs title insurance.


March 8th Show – The secret societies manufacture our enemies, while our true adversaries hide in plain sight

I have uploaded a new show podcast for March 8, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles and media on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-The Patriot movement has changed drastically over the past 20 years.
-Our real enemies are not who we think they are; they are manufactured. The patriot shows follow a script and only externalizes the hierarchy. Most are redirected, which creates learned helplessness, confusion, and inaction.
-The patriot movement has been hijacked like the tea-party movement and both have effectively been done in by the same methods.
-The patriot show followers are told to look to Judas goat leaders.
-William Cooper commentary and discussion. Imagine if he were still alive. The patriot movement would be strong and moving in a different direction.
-Key people are taken out, which undermine the movement.


The US bond blowout continues; Trump chooses a precarious time to get tough on tariffs

Trump picks an “inopportune” time to get tough on trade

The events and circumstances putting upward pressure on US Treasury yields are increasing by the day as President Trump decides to get tough with trade and tariffs.

The Trump regime’s plans to institute tariffs on steel and aluminum imports are reigniting fears of rising prices, inflation, and reduced foreign Treasury buying —a bearish development for bonds.

Larry McDonald, founder of the Bear Traps Report, believes top Chinese officials could retaliate against unfriendly tariffs by reducing purchases of U.S. debt in the coming years, even as the Treasury Department prepares for a swell in issuance. And that, in turn, could send yields even higher.

US Treasury yields jump after Trump stokes trade war, inflation fears (CNBC, March 2nd)

Trump may be right about trade, but it doesn’t matter anymore

I do not argue with President Trump’s logic. Indeed, foreign nations and their exporters to the United States have always been disingenuous when reporting their data. Moreover, many nations have erected unilateral protectionist measures, which are designed to  subsidize their own industries at the expense of US producers.

Regardless, the US dollar is the de facto reserve currency and as such its domestic and international monetary objectives often clash. I mentioned that these contradictions are often referred to as the Triffin Paradox. As such the US must continually run trade and budget deficits. These deficits supply the world with the needed dollars. Unfortunately, the gutting of our industries was done by design, so that the deficits would be structural and permanent.

The friction described in the Triffin Paradox is why China does not want to have the yuan as a global reserve currency; it ruins there export-driven economy. It requires China to begin running trade deficits.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to slap stiff tariffs on imported steel and aluminum has rattled financial markets and stirred fears that some trading partners might retaliate by dumping U.S. Treasuries.

Should China, Japan and other nations, which have recycled their trade dollars through their Treasuries holdings, suddenly decide to whittle them down, markets could be in for a rough ride.

Such a retaliatory move, in the wake of Trump’s first big protectionist action, comes at a time when foreign demand for U.S. debt is seen critical to offset an expected surge in federal borrowing needs, analysts and investors said on Friday.

Dumping U.S. debt, a possible weapon in global trade war (Reuters, March 2nd)

Any victories the Trump regime would gain in any trade war would prove pyrrhic as foreigners could begin to dump US Treasuries en masse. The whole monetary order post-1971; the year Kissinger visited China and Nixon shut the international gold window, could come unglued.

The globalists have told us they are blowing out the bond market

If you are a student of conspiracy then you see these actions as part of a larger plan. These nascent trade wars are coming at the worst time when the world and the US can least afford them.  The sovereign debt markets are at a tipping point and anything that starts trade wars can have deleterious effects. But if I were a globalist working to upend the current world order then these trade skirmishes are well-timed and are only part of the ongoing plan to help drive up bond yields worldwide.

Since late January, I have been enumerating the warnings by the globalist mouthpieces that a bond bear market is coming. This bear market will be long-lasting, pernicious, and will profoundly impact our way of life. The bond market is more important than the equities; everything is priced off of sovereign debt.

US Fed policy is proving lethal and the “Fed put” may be a mirage

If I were part of the elite and I wanted to blowout the bond markets I would severely restrict credit under the guise of fighting inflation. I would direct the US Fed to raise rates and sell off Treasury holdings after running relaxed policy for historic lengths of time. Ironically, higher rates will raise the cost of capital, shift the supply curve up and to the left, and will only help to increase price inflation.

As time goes on I believe that many asset market bulls who have put their faith in the US Fed’s ability and desire to support asset prices will come to realize that this agenda is coming to an end. As debt yields continue to climb worldwide asset sectors such as stocks in capital-intensive industries, real estate, fixed-income, and private businesses could run into serious problems.

Is Trump just carrying out orders?

While there are scenarios that would be worse for financial markets—the proverbial asteroid on a collision path with Earth comes to mind—a trade war has the potential to be very bad for both the global economy and investor portfolios.

Zero Hedge quoting GMO’s Ben Inker (March 3rd)

Trump flashes the same sign at all important meetings with foreign heads of state. Perhaps he’s just part of the gang.

At some point I look at all my analysis and conclude that this all cannot be coincidental. The more I observe Trump’s actions and agenda changes the more I am convinced that he is just carrying out orders from a higher level; a level that most do not recognize.

It seems that gun-rights advocates have lost more ground in the past year than under eight years with Obama. Is this by chance? Henry Makow frequently points out the secret hand signs Trump displays during scripted meetings. Perhaps the patriot media’s love affair with Trump should be reconsidered.

Unless the US Fed changes course and the Trump regime does an about face with its tough trade talk the bond blowout will continue.


Greenspan talks bond bubbles again; times both his interviews with US Fed Chair public appearances

Note: Alan Greenspan’s interviews are well-scripted and intended to be taken seriously by the initiated. Both of his “bond bubble” interviews came on the same day as US Fed Chairman official appearances. This was not a coincidence.

Globalist monetary system mouthpiece and former Federal Reserve Chariman Alan Greenspan told CNBC on Thursday the decades long bull market in bond prices is coming to an end.  This time he sounded much more somber and spoke matter-of-factly that the bond market will unwind.

“We are in a bond market bubble” that’s beginning to unwind, he said on “Squawk on the Street,” as new Fed Chairman Jerome Powell appeared on Capitol Hill for the second time this week. “Prices are too high” on bonds, Greenspan added.

Greenspan said he’s optimistic about growth in the short term due to the new GOP tax reform law, particularly the federal corporate rate cut from 35 percent to 21 percent.

But long term, he said he’s “rather dismal” due to the “gradual encroachment of entitlement spending on gross domestic savings,” which is defined as GDP minus total spending.

Ex-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan: ‘We are in a bond market bubble’ that’s beginning to unwind – CNBC (03/01/2018)

An excerpt of his interview is included in the article. It went on to add:

Just before stocks and bond prices started tanking in the beginning of February, Greenspan said in a Bloomberg interview on Jan. 31 that he saw bubbles in both markets. “The bond market bubble will eventually be the critical issue,” he said.

I began warning followers of my blog and podcasts since January 26th to get into all cash as the financial markets were about to enter a new phase. The bond market was to lead the way. Why did I say this?

  • On January 26th, US Treasury Secretary and Skull & Bonesman, Steve Mnuchin began talking down the dollar in direct contradiction to the US’s best interests. These comments ostensibly came from nowhere, which pointed to them being scripted.
  • This was followed up by Greenspan’s first bond bubble interview on January 31st, which aired about 30 minutes after the US Fed concluded their January meeting.
  • The Dow dropped 666 points on February 2nd.
  • On February 4th, during her well-scripted interview on CBS, Janet Yellen  contemplated bubbles as she said real estate prices were too high.

Please understand, these appearances are not random; they are well-scripted and planned in advance. They are intended to be a warning and proclamation to the elite of the secret societies that a change of direction in the financial markets is about to be embarked upon. Last decade’s unwinding took almost three years before the bottom fell out, but was announced in advance by the globalist mouthpieces. It is clear that this will accelerate as time goes on – the mouthpieces have said so.

Of course, the mainstream press and media are at a loss for why things are beginning to look precarious. They discuss all the red herrings, but at the core of this dynamic is the fact that the global elite have decided to take the globe in a new direction. The official spokespeople of the New World Order have spoken and we best listen to the warnings.

If you listened to last night’s podcast of my shortwave show, I laid out all of the evidence that real estate has topped out and that part of this bond market unwinding that Greenspan discusses will involve residential and commercial real estate.

The markets sold off today for the sundry reasons of tariff talk, inflationary pressures, and trade wars. But at the heart of today’s market action was the announcement by Alan Greenspan that the great bond market unwinding is accelerating. You best listen and get as liquid as possible. By definition, most will be on the wrong side when things fall apart.

Don’t be one of those who will lose a lot of money. In my podcasts I have discussed what we must be doing right now. Don’t be fooled by the sensory overload and diversions of the patriot media. Don’t listen to your friends and family. We need to stay independent-minded, focused, and objective.

It is clear that if what Greenspan is saying comes to pass we are about to enter a dark time for humanity. For now, cash will be king.